How do I know if I have a case?

Because it is very often that an injured person, whether it be physically or legally, in unaware of the law and how the particular issues within their case relate to the law, the only way for us to help you know if you have a case is to contact us.

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Do I have to pay my own medical bills in a personal injury case?

Like many legal questions the answer may not be a simple one. Usually, in an accident involving a vehicle the injureds own automobile insurance (Personal Injury Protection Insurance) will pay your initial medical bills.

In any other type of case, the party at fault in the accident is ultimately responsible for the payment of your medical bills. Yet, this other party may deny accountability resulting in the case being litigated in court. As such, you may not be paid until the case is over. This does not mean you’re responsible when the bills are denied. Should you have health insurance, your bills will normally be paid by your insurance company.

Who is responsible for my lost wages in a personal injury case?

As a general rule, your lost wages are part of your damage claim. Accordingly, they would be payable as part of any settlement or verdict at the end of your claim. If your claim involves an automobile accident, the personal injury protection benefits under your policy would provide you re-payment of a certain percentage of your benefits. Unfortunately, there is no way to force temporary payment of lost wages from the defendant while the claim is in litigation.

What do I do while my personal injury case is pending?

You have two general responsibilities while your claim is pending. First, go to the doctor. Take care of your medical condition, and try your best to feel better.

Second, provide all documents to your attorney which may help support your claim. This process is continuing throughout the time of your case and we will look to you to provide documents on many occasions. Depending on the type of claim it will be necessary for you to provide documentation of all types of health, auto, and/or home owners insurance, so that it can be properly documented.

If I am represented by Dennis Fano should I talk to any person, adjuster, or representative who calls me about my case?

No! If you are represented by our firm, you should have all communication go through our office. Simply give the individual the name and number of our offices, and we will take care of either providing any requested information, or denying their request based on an appropriate reason.