Is Your Insurance Company Giving You The Run Around?

Sometimes an insurance company may all of a sudden deny you coverage, might take an unreasonable amount of time to pay your claim or refuse to give you a legitimate claim. They may also refuse to pay a claim in hopes that the policyholder will give up on it or file a lawsuit. Insurance companies that do such things could possibly be liable for something known as bad faith insurance practices. Insurance companies that show bad faith insurance practices may be taken to court for such actions.

If your insurance company is denying your claim, feel that they are guilty of bad faith insurance practice, or not sure if they are,  please contact Fano Law, P.A.

If you have been a victim of bad faith insurance practices we can help you reach a settlement.

Some insurance companies may avoid dealing with you by not returning your calls. If your insurance company is avoiding your calls, or any of the above things that could constitute bad faith insurance practices Contact Dennis G. Fano, Esq. to help you.

Please keep in mind that it is always a good idea to keep records of your communications with your insurance company.

If you or someone you know may be being unduly delayed in receiving payment of their insurance claim from their insurance company please complete the contact form or call us at 772-600-2648.